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    frequently asked questions
    What is the typical budget for your projects?

    Because we send a full team out for every project, we tend to focus on large renovation projects. We kindly ask our clients to consider a minimum budget of $100K and, for pool projects, a minimum budget of $200K.

    Do you work with HOAs and the city/county for permits and approvals?

    Yes, we take care of the plans necessary for HOA and city approval. We are familiar with many HOA regulations and city codes around Orange County, so we are usually able to start every project within a month.

    How long do your projects usually take to finish?

    Generally, projects without a pool take 2-3 months to complete from the start of construction. Pool projects usually take 3-5 months to complete, depending on the size of the project. Please note that every project is unique and may require different timelines.

    What if I want to make changes to the landscape design?

    We are flexible around design changes. Before we begin the project, we collaborate with our client on exactly what they would like to see in different parts of the design. Even after finalizing the design, if there are any changes which need to be made during the construction process, we always accommodate our client and adjust accordingly.

    Do you offer any warranty or after-service once the project is completed?

    Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on the plants because if they are healthy and growing after a year, they are usually good to go for many years to come. Our pool equipment comes with a three-year warranty, so that if, for example, a pool light happens to stop working, it can be fixed or replaced. For any other landscape-related issues, after the project is completed, we are more than happy to assist and ensure that your yard is in top condition for you to enjoy.

    Do you do smaller projects?

    Because we send out a full team to every job site, and have the resources to complete large renovations, we may not be the right fit for smaller projects requiring only one element, like concrete work or planting, to be installed.